Supervision Training

3 Day ACA Accredited Clinical Supervision Training (Only current level 2 ACA Members and above are eligible to participate)

Counselling Supervision is an essential safeguard for clients, a support for counsellors, and a process through which practitioners can develop their skill and competence. A competent Counselling Supervisor should be able to conduct supervision sessions using various supervision interventions, provide effective evaluation and feedback to supervisee’s and addresses the ethical and legal considerations of supervision.

This training is designed to provide Supervision training to Counselling and Psychotherapy practitioners who are currently in Clinical practice but who are not currently supervising and who wish to become eligible to apply for listing as a Supervisor. This 3 day course covers the competencies that are required as a component of eligibility for listing on the ACA Supervisor Register under the ACA College of Supervisors. Please be sure to visit your registration body’s website for entry criteria onto your Supervisor Registers.

This training encompasses approximately 24 hours of face to face supervision training and 40 hours of pre-workshop study. The training culminates in a formal assessment phase. This meets the specified criteria for the current ACA Supervision Training Standards (2013).
Counsellors Victoria (CV) Supervisor Training Course will enable the graduate, as a minimum, to:-
define the role of a Clinical Supervisor;
identify the goals of supervision;
describe the supervisory relationship; demonstrate the skills required for conducting diverse supervision interventions; provide effective evaluation;
present effectual feedback to supervisees;
successfully undertake a variety of supervisor administration tasks and address the ethical and legal considerations of supervision.

Pre-course training:- each student will be supplied with a text “The Practice of Clinical Counselling” 2006, Australian Academic Press, as part of their course fees. This book will come with a questionnaire that needs to be completed prior to attendance at the workshop. This is a mandatory requirement as it provides the student with a broad theoretical understanding of the different settings and theories of Supervision. It is suggested the student allocates at least 5 days or the equivalent in hours to read the text and answer the questionnaire. The successful completion of the questionnaire is required before the student can move into the 3 Day workshop phase. A comprehensive Workshop manual is also integral to the course and will be supplied on arrival.

Overview of Program:-
o Theory of Supervision
o What is Professional Supervision?
o What skills does a professional supervisor need?
o What will be covered in a session of professional supervision?
o What are the different settings and forms for professional supervision?
o What are the Supervisor and Supervisee’s responsibilities?
o Legal and Risk management issues in the Allied Health Industry
o Legislation
o Front-line management professional supervision
o Issues in applying Professional Supervision
o Resistant supervisees
o Armstrong Model
o Note taking and record keeping
o Mental Health Issues and Supervision
o Transference potential
o Stress, Anxiety, Conflict and potential Burnout.

Break-up of the 3 days: Students will spend 1 ½ days moving through the workbook including completing supervision scenarios. ½ a day is then allocated for practice Supervision sessions in tri-adds. Day 3 is the formal assessment day, each student will rotate through a tri-add filling three positions; Supervisor, Assessor and Supervisee, each position is completed over a 60 minute period. There are no role plays in this workshop. All students are to bring real and relevant issues for supervision to the workshop. Please ensure that the issues are of a nature that you would discuss with your supervisor and not personal counselling issues. Using the text and completing the questionnaire will give you a good indication of the scope of the issues that you may choose to bring.
Additional Information is provided on:
1. Consent Forms and Contracts
2. Confidentiality form

Your presenter for the course is John Dunn. ACA FFVC CMAHA
In his professional capacity as a Counsellor, John qualified some 15 years ago. Since then he has practiced in what he describes as being a General Practitioner & ACA Registered Supervisor. This gives him a wide range of experiences including as a Team Leader of the SES Peer Support Team for South West Victoria.
His practice is based in Colac with a clinic in Mount Gambier and support in Geelong. As a founding member of the Federation of Victorian Counsellors, now Counsellors Victoria, John has served continuously on its Board as its Country Representative and Vice President. Also an early member of the Australian Counselling Association, and its predecessor Counselling Australia, John has always championed for the credibility and professionalism of Counsellors.
John’s teaching background comes from many sources including Military Service and Secondary, TAFE and Community Services.

Your workshop facilitators aide for the course is Barbara Matheson HACA,FFVC
Barbara is a registered member of the ACA College of Supervisors. As the Immediate Past President of Counsellors Victoria (FVC) Barbara has a good depth and breadth of counselling, the counselling industry and all its attendant issues.

Please note:- For all your course information and enquiries please contact Barbara whose details appear on the registration form.

Registration form for Counsellors Victoria Supervision Training Workshop
COMMITMENT ▪ All 3 days must be attended in order for your training to be verified and accredited.
Workshop Details: June 2015 workshop: Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st 9AM till 5PM

Cost: CV $750 pp. Non CV but ACA member $775 pp. All others $800 pp.

Morning & afternoon tea provided.

This workshop is approved by Australian Counselling Association for 18 points OPD and 6 hours of supervision.
There are only 9 places allocated for each workshop so places are on a first-come first-placed basis.

Refund policy: CV will refund 75% of your payment for refunds requested prior to 14 days before the booked workshop. 50% of payment for refund requests prior to 24 hours before the workshop with no refunds within 24 hours or after the workshop.

NON ACA Members Only (NOTE: Only answer this section if you are not an ACA member)